Backup and Disaster Recovery

Prevent data disaster from bringing down your business

Any business or entrepreneur understands the huge importance of protecting their business data against theft and loss. While the majority of owners these days know that a major business-stopping disaster is rare, huge data loss often comes about due to a series of small problems. So just think, is your business capable of surviving equipment failure as a result of disaster such as fire or flood, equipment failure or theft?

Well if you work with the experts at ASG we always have your back with:

  • Consistent business operation and recovery preparation - tailor made to your business requirements
  • Constant data protection - load and refresh changes to files in real-time and see updates anytime to feel secure.
  • Automated retention policies - we have tailored solutions for compliance.
  • Seeding & Bandwidth Throttling Solutions- back up quickly with no interruption of your Internet connection.
  • Inclusive solutions - backup agents created to fit with your operating systems and software.
  • Let us report it all - off site backup provides full reports and access for real security analytics.
  • Backup and data restoration -an additional layer of protection for your critical files

20% of SMEs will suffer a major disaster due to loss of data every five years. But with 70% of successful attacks on computer networks being carried out by employees and insiders it's time to stay safe.

ASG provides analysis, preventive measures, and security together in a solution that keeps your business operational should disaster strike. So you can relax knowing you won't be going out of business due to problems beyond your control. So don't wait for the inevitable disaster, ASG can keep you prepared by not only backing you up, but ensuring that you are doing business again in hours, should the worst happen.